Earthzone Properties, Margorite.

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Margorite Selenati

Sales Agents:

Earthzone Properties, Pierre.

Pierre Marais
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Tessa Joseph
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  • Residential Sales
  • Apartments
  • Duplex and Simplex Townhouses
  • Full Title in Secure Estates
  • Freehold Residential Homes (Sales, Vacant Land, Plots and Building Packages)


  • Access to a huge network of properties
  • Assistance with pre-qualification
  • Guidance with areas, locality, schools etc in areas
  • Advice on the legal process
  • Assistance with bond application
  • Back-up and support throughout the process


In terms of the Code of Conduct of the Estate Agents Board a sole or exclusive authority is required in writing. As a MLS listed company, we only sign MLS mandates. The benefits explained below.

Multi Listing Services
List your home on our Multi Listing System. By listing in this manner, the details of your property will be available to approximately 175 Real Estate Agencies in the area, including Sandton and Randburg. All MLS agents will have access to the property through the system. It is however, important to remember that EARTH ZONE PROPERTIES, will, at all times, be involved in any dealings and/or communications with agents from other MLS listed companies.

Agents’ Viewing
After an Earth Zone Properties mandate has been entrusted to the company, an agents viewing is arranged. Agents are then given an opportunity to view and access your property, to enable them to contact buyers on their specific portfolios.

Photographs of the entire property will be taken and will be included in all advertising.

For Sale and Sold Signs
A “For Sale” sign will be erected immediately. When the property is sold it will be replaced by a “Sold” sign. This form of marketing is highly effective and it directs enquires to the specific agent and not to the owner.

Homeowner Hints for a Successful Sale
A standard list of hints on how you can help in the marketing of your home is provided herein.

Advertising Mediums
Your property, along with other homes in your area, will be advertised through various resources. EARTH ZONE PROPERTIES uses the latest technology. Experience has proved that most buyers search for properties online. Your home will be advertised on various property portals such as Private Property, Property 24, IOL and other. Properties will, occasionally, at the company’s discretion, be advertised in the print media servicing you area. Advertising a property in the print media, week after week, often gives the impression that there is a problem and prospective buyers may be put off.

Inform Current Buyers
Our extensive file of potential buyers will be contacted immediately.

Qualifying Buyers
Buyers will be carefully screened to identify those that are genuinely interested and are financially able to purchase.

Viewing your Home
Appointments will be arranged beforehand. A Viewing Register will be left in you home, to control access to other agents and comments which will assist in the marketing reviews. It is preferred that the owner allows the agent to explain the property to the potential buyer, calling on the owner only in instances where his input at the viewing may be required.

We undertake to
Follow up on all leads generated by calls or visits regarding your home, communicate with you on our efforts and progress via monthly marketing reviews, continue to find a buyer as well as internally evaluate those efforts until we have successfully sold your property.